The Barn at Cedar Hill started out as just a little girls dream of getting married on the property she grew up on. However, once Lisa became engaged to Ben the dream became more of an obtainable idea. After seeing all of their friends go through the process of finding the perfect venue and hearing all of the negative stories, they decided to pitch the idea to Lisa's father to essentially create their own venue for their wedding day. Lisa's father, Terry, was up to the challenge and had been thinking of building a barn for himself anyways to store all of the antiques he had collected over the years as well as his farm equipment. And so, construction began.

The 4,000 square foot barn was built entirely by Terry, Lisa, Ben, and two carpenters and took approximately a year to complete. The main structure of the barn is comprised of cedar trees that were cut along the creek on the property. Sticking with the cedar theme, the exterior siding and inside walls of the barn are rough cut cedar, all trees that were locally grown and cut.

After the wedding, while the couple were on their honeymoon in Italy, Lisa began to get inquiries from old high school friends about the barn. After seeing photos of Lisa & Ben's wedding at the barn, they were hoping to possibly rent the barn for their wedding as well! And so, The Barn at Cedar Hill began. Unfortunately.... Terry may have to build another barn for his antiques.

Now that you know who we are, check out what Cedar Hill has to offer!